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We are giving away 2 overall top prizes of $10,000, and many other cash prizes!

Will you win the challenge?

The E2M 8-Week Challenge is a virtual weight loss-based program for adults.

The program runs in 8-week segments and provides you with a workout plan and meal plan that changes weekly. The workouts are designed to challenge all fitness levels and can be done at home or in the gym whenever is convenient for you. The meal plan is supplement-free and consists of whole food options you can choose from to make each meal. (We do have plans for vegetarians, vegans, and postpartum moms.) All information for the program is shared through our private Facebook group, where you can find live workouts that can be watched at your convenience any time afterward–including Zumba, HIIT, spin, and yoga. You’ll also get live question and answer sessions and accountability from the tens of thousands of other members to help you reach your goals. All of this is available for 8 payments of $40. After 8 payments, you’ll have access to the program for life at no additional cost.


Eager to Motivate     Eager to Motivate

“It is my goal to help as many people as possible, and I can’t wait to help you! Improve your health, improve your life! I look forward to the chance to be your guide on your journey to your optimal health & fitness”

– Jeff Witherspoon

Jeff Witherspoon

Jeff Witherspoon was a natural athlete and loved being active from a young age.

Upon graduation, he began a successful career in the Army as a Field Artillery Officer. While serving multiple tours in Iraq, fitness became his way to cope with the stressors of combat. He enjoyed the way it not only made his body look, but how it made him feel. It became his place of release and therapy. Later in his career, he became a certified hand to hand combat instructor for the Army. This certification and practice opened him to another form of fitness that he truly enjoyed.



Be Honest

We are here to help. Be honest about your goals, your habits & what you are going through. Based on what you share with us, we will be more prepared to work with you.


Be Realistic

Results do not happen overnight and to make lasting changes to your body it will take time. Don’t expect for it to happen after just a few sessions.


Be Kind

Don’t be too hard on yourself. This is a process and there are going to be times that you don’t hit the mile markers you have set. It is O.K. This is a journey & one that you will thank yourself for doing.

Still Not Convinced?

Check out the Before & After fitness photos below of some of our previous participants.

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