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Jeff Witherspoon

Jeff Witherspoon was a natural athlete and loved being active from a young age.

His fitness journey truly began as a young athlete at The Citadel where he was a champion track and field athlete.

Upon graduation, he began a successful career in the Army as a Field Artillery Officer. While serving multiple tours in Iraq, fitness became the his way to cope with the stressors of combat. He enjoyed the way it not only made his body look, but how it made him feel. It became his place of of release and therapy. Later in his career, he became a certified hand to hand combat instructor for the Army. This certification and practice opened him to another form of fitness that he truly enjoyed.

After seeing how well fitness allowed for him to be able to handle high levels of stress in the military, he began encouraging other soldiers to work out to help with PTSD, day to day stressors, as well as, their overall health and fitness.

Seeing first hand how being able to help others through health, fitness and wellness sparked his desire to become a personal trainer to provide accurate and factual advice to anyone wanting to improve their fitness level.

His fitness journey truly began as a young athlete at The Citadel where he was a champion track and field athlete.

Seeing first hand how being able to help others through health, fitness and wellness sparked his desire to become a personal trainer to provide accurate and factual advice to anyone wanting to improve their fitness level.

Meet Our Squad

Mandy Engstrom



Mandy is a certified personal trainer, former figure competitor, and mom to Kyra! She grew up in an active family constantly playing outside! Mandy was a gymnast, a cheerleader, and attempted to play all different sports! After college, she got more serious about her interest in health and fitness. From there, she took it to the next level and competed in the Gold’s Classic Fitness Competition in Wilmington, NC where she won 1st place in her class for the Junior Figure Division and 1st place overall in the Junior Figure Division. Having learned all about fitness, health, nutrition, and the role it plays in all aspects of her life, she continued to grow her knowledge over the years. The gym felt like home! When she became pregnant, she knew she wanted to focus on having the healthiest pregnancy possible for herself and her baby girl. Mandy learned that in doing so, she had a smooth pregnancy, delivery, and recovery. She now has a passion for helping other postpartum women start or continue their journey to health and fitness post-baby! Mandy is motivating and leading E2M clients into the 6-pack season with standing and no limit ab workouts!

Instagram: @kiki_doyalove_me

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“You don’t have to see the whole stair case to take the first step.”

-Martin Luther King Jr.

Whit is our Wild Carolina girl with the southern twang to prove it. She’s a wife and a mommy. They are a total fit family.

A certified trainer, Whit started her journey with E2M in 2019, but her passion for helping others become comfortable in their own skin began sometime in 2013. She specializes in working the glutes and helping you get the booty you’ve always wanted. Whit’s favorite part about working with E2M is being part of a team that continues to grow and is full of people with the same goals that she has–creating and maintaining a healthy life! She gets so excited at the beginning of every challenge and cannot wait to be a part of each success story with E2M! She can’t wait to be a part of yours.


TikTok: @e2mwhit




Alicia currently resides in Charlotte, NC. She is a 2012 graduate of Winthrop University with a BS in Exercise Science and a 2018 graduate of Florida A&M University with her Masters in Occupational Therapy. Alicia has always had a passion to help encourage individuals to be the best version of themselves. She began her journey with E2M in 2019 and has embraced her passion to guide individuals in maintaining a healthier and well-rounded lifestyle ever since. She focuses on bringing strength to the body and clarity to the mind during each fitness journey. In December 2019, Alicia earned her Pro Card as an OCB Bikini Professional and later became a certified Zumba instructor in 2020. As she continuously provides all members with consistent encouragement. motivation, and inspiration, she often reminds each member:

“Don’t let anyone’s body or purpose be the blueprint for you! God granted you with your own body and your own purpose, so BE YOUR OWN GOALS!”

Instagram: @ivanasfitness




“If you want to be great at anything, you have to be willing to put in the work even when the odds are stacked against you”

Brad is a full-time physical education teacher at Sherman Central School in Western New York. Being a PE Teacher, Brad found an immediate passion for health and fitness as he worked with several of his athletes over the years. Along with coaching and training high school athletes, Barmore is still active in hockey and football. In 2021, Brad wanted to make it official and share his passion for physical activity, and became a certified ISSA personal trainer. He enjoys HIIT, workouts that maximize movements in a short amount of time. His favorite part about being a trainer is sharing the positive experience that comes from being healthy and active. You can expect Brad’s workouts to be wild, loose, and entertaining. When Brad’s not training or working out in the gym he enjoys time with his wife Adrienne, son Beckett and family. He enjoys traveling, adventure, and getting off the beaten path.

Instagram: @bdbarmore

TikTok: @bradbarmore




“Know what sparks the light in you. Then use that light to illuminate the world.” Oprah Winfrey

Jamie is a wife, mom, endurance enthusiast, and encourager. She loves living back in her hometown of Summerville, South Carolina and loves being an active part of the community. Jamie is a graduate from the College of Charleston and Wake Forest University with a Master’s in Health + Exercise Science, a licensed Go and Tell Gals Coach, and certified spin instructor. She knows what the world is telling you when it comes to what you should look like, but believes each one of us is created uniquely for a purpose. This means we aren’t meant to be the same size, look the same, or fit into the same box. She is excited to use her health + wellness experience, knowledge, and love for encouraging others to help you become more accountable to yourself and grow into who you were created to be.

Instagram: @jamietouchberry

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“Every moment of every day is an opportunity to start fresh.”

Nicole took her first yoga class as an elective college course nearly 20 years ago and loved the way it helped her to slow down and quiet her mind. Later, she stumbled upon her first hot power yoga class and fell in love with the hidden mental health benefits of a sweaty and powerful yoga flow. “Vinyasa yoga is much more than just a good workout. I am able to completely shut off my anxious mind and focus solely on my movement and breath. I recognize each practice as an opportunity to reset my entire day,” Nicole says. Nicole felt called to share the healing power of yoga with the world and immersed herself in yoga teacher training in Nosara Costa Rica, led by Amazing Yoga. She is honored to share her passion for yoga with others and continues to bring hot power yoga to local studios while offering mindful yoga to E2M. Each virtual yoga session is sculpted to build upon the foundation of prior weeks while focusing on releasing tension in the areas of the body worked during each E2M circuit.

Instagram: @nicole3hodges

Sindy Frank



“Dance like no one’s watching.”

Since she was a little girl, Sindy has always been involved in sports–from ballet, field hockey, cheerleading, and finally track and field. She ran track in college but also continued to dance any time she was able. She continued to remain active through marriage and having children. After her first child, she decided that she wanted to share her love of dance with others and obtained her certification in Zumba. She joined the E2M family in 2019 and has not looked back since! She regained her certification in 2021 and began teaching Zumba for E2M clients in 2021. Her desire is to bring people joy in exercise through dance.

Instagram: @sindyrenef

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“Healthy can be delicious.”

Jennie started her career in nutrition and food service after graduating from Johnson and Wales University in Charlotte. She spent over 10 years working in the corporate food service management industry where her main focus was on nutrition. She has also worked with K12 schools in menu management and trained chefs online on nutrition and balanced menus. Jennie has always enjoyed staying active with a background in cheer and dance. She enjoys yoga, hiking with her husband and young twins, and of course E2M workouts! Jennie joined E2M in January 2020 and was very impressed with the holistic approach to this exercise and nutrition program. She joined the staff as a resident E2M chef in November 2020 and has enjoyed every class and being a part of every life that has benefited from this program. Jennie has a passion for food and nutrition. Her desire is to share and educate others on how to fuel your body and that healthy can be delicious!

Instagram: @create_by_jenniecasselman

Jennie Casselman
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“Food is the foundation of a healthy life and community”

Since I was young, Andres Chaparro has always been involved with cooking. I started my career as an intern for a small bakery in my hometown. This gave me a little taste of the industry, which was all I needed to realize that I truly wanted to pursue a culinary career. After receiving formal training from Johnson & Wales University, I began working and gaining experience from kitchens coast to coast. With over 13 years of experience in the food service industry, I look forward to bringing healthy cooking back to the main screen.

Instagram: @andres18abc